Christmas Day

The year before this, our Christmas was just…too much. With out of town family, divorced parents, and the “we’re having Christmas!” declarations left and right, we found ourselves going to 9 Christmas related events. We didn’t end up having our own “Christmas” until January 1st. This wasn’t something we wanted to repeat.

This Christmas, we stood firm on our desire to change. Instead of 9, we said we would commit to a limited number of events and have Christmas day free at our own home. These are a few glimpses into our Christmas day.

We ended up going for a peaceful family walk through our empty town with perfect weather. We then went back and had our morning together with just us. After this, we were glad to have over some family and celebrate the two boy cousins getting brand new bikes! To this day, Liam rides his bike at least once a day and we don’t see a stop in that any time soon.

This Christmas was far more beneficial for us. We were able to actually focus on each other and settle our minds in thinking through the work of God for us. This great work allowing all the relationships and various good and loving aspects in our life. Thankful for this Christmas season indeed!

Let me know if you’d like me to document something for you and feel free to look around HERE at other photos not posted.

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