Kelcie at Night

I want to start pushing the limits with some night photography as far as ISO, shutter speed, aperture, focus, and color go.

Here is another go with my wife just outside our front door at 8:30pm.

I posted this and had to come back and add this…

It struck me a few moments after this shot was taken at how powerful light is. As far as the naked eye is concerned, it was dark enough for my wife and I to have trouble walking around confidently. Yet, with the tool of a camera and its components, we can see the light in the darkness. Though we may only see darkness, it has to be remembered that light is there. Light is present. Light is truly dominant. Light stands alone in its intrinsic qualities. Darkness on the other hand is simply a recognizing that the light has lessened.

When you know the beauty and power of light, you never need to fear darkness again.

John 8:12

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