The Johnson Family – Bend, OR

This is the Johnson family.

I remember the first time I met Katie in Bend, Oregon, when my wife (girlfriend at the time) and I went up to visit her. She had just recently moved up to be a part of a church plant in Bend. Their hope was to settle in and be a part of the community of Bend so that they could best love them and share the gospel of Jesus with them. At the time, I didn’t quite realize it, but looking back, I see the boldness and beauty in her move to Bend.

Bold because leaving the comforts of Southern California isn’t something most purposefully seek. Often times, people lose jobs, get relocated, or just can’t afford it. So they leave. Katie, on the other hand, was and is a woman who sought God’s direction in her life. He called. She listened. Now, by the grace of God, Bend has been blessed to have this Jesus loving, Spirit led, Father obeying, woman in their town loving them all through here deeds and proclamation of the truth of Jesus’s gospel.

Beauty because of how much fruit has been born from her living there. Not only have various individuals been blessed by Katie’s love and passion, but a certain man in particular has been able to know her deeper than any other person possibly could. This brings in Dane. I honestly don’t know the details of how they met, how they started, or what ‘sealed the deal’ for their future marriage. What I do know is that she met this God fearing and honoring man in Bend, they loved each other, they married, and they now have a handsome little boy named Elijah.

This family is loved by God and in love with God. They have experienced and know deeply the love and grace of the King of kings. They love all whom they come in contact with. They love to love.

They are a constant encouragement and blessing to me and my family.

I love you guys.

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