Jim & Mika – Tustin, CA

This was a very unique one. I honestly don’t know too much about the couple. What was most memorable was how quick and spontaneous it was (or at least seemed to me).

I was called at 10 am and left a voice message asking if I could photo their wedding. My first thought was to call them back, discuss details, see where their budget was, get to know them, see if I was available on their date, etc. Things changed as the voice message went on. The wedding was actually 4 hours from then at 2pm.

I looked over at my wife, asked if I should, she said yes, and so I was gone.

With the last-minute call, the small gathering, the backyard style, and even the parents of the bride Skyping on an iPad, this wedding probably takes the cake (oh man…no pun intended) for uniqueness.

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